Get involved and test out features before they are merged.

There is a fairly simple way to get involved in Gutenberg development. One can download a special Gutenberg plugin that includes a Pull Request (PR) of a feature being worked on. It involves going to Github and clicking the Pull Requests tab then looking through the list to find a feature you would like…

WordPress - The Block Editor Handbook

Focus on Documentation

I have shifted some of my focus over to contributing deeper to various documentation. One project Improving the general structure of how WordPress shows support pages. The goal to locate the Block Editor handbook from the support pages at The process is very difficult to get from home page and to the Block…


Rethinking the Revisions Panel in Gutenberg

At current the Revisions Panel exits the Gutenberg screen into it’s own layout which looks like this: Here is a new design of the revisions panel that takes over the Gutenberg page/post one is currently on. I also made a version that sits inside an overlay. I made this Github issue: