Contributing to WordPress

Over many years I have helped contribute to various user interface aspects of WordPress.
In WordPress for a long time we used Balsamiq before switching over til Figma. Figma is an awesome tool for showing prototypes. I also use Screenflow to document issues I notice.

Currently on the Gutenberg Github repository I have 320 closed issues and 69 open issues.

I worked on a WordPress theme browser mockups. Frontend and Backend editing in WordPress. Rethinking Widgets in WordPress. WordPress User Interface mockups.

I worked on The Future of WordPress Multisite mockups.

I worked on a WordPress plugin repository design mockup. Containing additional ways to filter search. I wrote about it here: The New Plugin Respository.
I got involved with the core-media group where work was going on around improving the Media Library. I did a lot of research but the work stopped up. WordPress Media Grid Library Update. I also contributed to Automatic Updates for WordPress Core.

Paal Joachim Romdahl Profile WordPress

The Automattic sponsorship

April/May 2020
I asked Matt (Mullenweg) if Automattic could sponsor me a few hours each week. He was open to it. The sponsorship end up lasting for a year. During that time I had an even stronger focus on contributing to the design aspect of WordPress.

Getting a default avatar in place so one does not need to use the Gravatar feature. The Avatar WordPress trac ticket Upload custom avatar for user in Dashboard was originally opened in 2010 and it is still open. Matt and I had some communication forth and back on this and he also posted a comment in the ticket.

Various issues I have worked on. Most of these are related to Gutenberg.
I am adding a Star next to the issues where I have also added an interactive Figma Prototype.

Navigation screen: comparing existing and new.
and Navigation Screen: MVP Designs.
Rethinking the design of the Revisions Panel
First stab at in-toolbar editing.
Document Actions: Use page name for document title.
Rethinking the “Current Document” display and settings.
Allow using featured image as background for a group block.
Add a method to opt-in to core auto-updates.
Adds most used tags feature to gutenberg similiar to the functionality.
Move document settings into dialog.

Up/Down arrows – move blocks independent of relation to placement inside/outside a container.
Can’t cancel creation of Resuable Block.
Uncollapse widget area when block is dragged over.
Gallery: Convert Gallery block to use Image blocks instead of having its own nested Image
Cover: Add repeated background option.
Controlling the height of the Separator block
Adding styles to the Separator block

Add setting to configure whether inserter sidebar remains open or not
Add a way to transform between block variations

Issues to where I have also added an interactive Figma prototype

Reusable block: A suggestion for a new revision.Manage Reusable blocks without leaving Gutenberg
Adding a Block category drop down to the inline inserter and Adding a Block category drop down in the Inserter Blocks panel.
I should be able to drag and drop an image as the Cover block’s background
Adding a Block category drop down to the inline inserter.
Inserter panel: Click the expand icon to view patterns in an overlay.
Site Editing: Make it clearer how to get back into post/page editing mode

Link to Figma prototypes.

The Publish screen.
Manage Reusable blocks.
Inline Inserter with drop down
Inserter panel: Click the expand icon to view patterns in an overlay.
Navigation prototype explorations
Switching between Full Site Editing <-> Single Page.
Creating a Reusable block og pattern.






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