Focus on Documentation

I have shifted some of my focus over to contributing deeper to various documentation.

One project

Improving the general structure of how WordPress shows support pages.

The goal to locate the Block Editor handbook from the support pages at

The process is very difficult to get from home page and to the Block Editor (Gutenberg) Handbook. Here is the path I took to get there.

1. We start at the beginning.
The WordPress home page. top area.

-> Clicked the Support menu item.

WordPress support.

WordPress support page
WordPress support section

-> Under Basic Usage I saw the word Blocks. I clicked it.

Support article about (Gutenberg) Blocks.

WordPress support article about Blocks.
WordPress support article about Blocks.

-> After a lot of fumbling I found a path forward by clicking the Get Involved link. (In the blue bar on the same line where it says Support.)

4. After having clicked Get Involved we are located at the
The WordPress support handbook.
The following screenshot shows the bottom part of the content.

WordPress support handbook page
WordPress support handbook page

-> I decided to click the link.

5. We are at
Documentation Contributor Handbook.

5-Documentation Contributor Handbook
Documentation Contributor Handbook

-> I clicked the Block Editor chapter on the left side.

6. At a pre page
for the Block Editor.

Block Editor…. a page before the Block Editor documentation.

-> I clicked: “The Block Editor documentation is published at” link.

We are finally at our destination the Block Editor Handbook!

WordPress - The Block Editor Handbook
The Block Editor Handbook

The question comes up…. how did I actually get there from the home page?

Making it easier.

Here is a dev site I have built as a base to experiment with the new structure for support as well as the handbooks.






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