My background history

Den Norske versjonen.

This is the page where I talk about some of my wanderings through life.
Detailed CV (In Norwegian)

I grew up with playing games on a Intellivision, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and later on a Mac and a PC. Something I do remember from early on was the Paint program I liked a lot.

Hennepin Technical College


We lived in Minneapolis and I began at a technical college with a focus on design and web. I took a course in Adobe Photoshop and it reminded me of Paint. I was happy! This was fun and exiting! I also had a lot of fun with Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver. It required more work with programming and creating flow charts. After two years I was finished at Hennepin Tech and received a Diploma.

Augsburg College

I began at Augsburg College and fokuset on Art (design, web, etc) and Art History. There were a lot of really interesting classes and among them my web design knowledge grew. I also took two courses in darkroom photography. The part of seeing an image grow onto the white sheet of papir was just like magic.
I took multiple English classes writing and literature. Web design. As well as very many other kinds of classes. I graduated with an Bachlor in Arts at the end of 2002. In 2003 I left for Los Angeles to become a model/actor/etc.

Back to Norway


I went back to Norway in 2004. I had decided upon returning that I would extend my horizon with many kinds of work experiences. Such as contruction worker, kindergarden teacher, waiter, homecare, gardner, actor/model and more.

Media teacher

Sogn high school substitute
In 2008-2009 I became a substitute teacher and main teacher for a class in high school at Sogn. I taught various Adobe software and also made a student web page that contained video tutorials. Sogn high school attest.

2010. Various courses such as Webshop/Ecommerce as well as a few months work at a web design company called Prioritet Norge.

Noroff high school substitute
In 2012-2013 I worked at Noroff high school in downtown Oslo. I was also the main teacher for a class here. I taught various medierelated subjects where we also used Adobe software. The following picture is something the students placed on the walls around the school when I was at the end of my substitute teaching period. Noroff high school attest.


Stronger focus on design

2012/2013 –

  • I worked as an Adobe software instructor at Gateway. Gateway attest.
  • I worked as an NKI online teacher with main focus on site development, UI, UX and more.
  • Made a WordPress tutorials web site –
  • Began taking in additional web design work.

Here is information on how I have contributed to WordPress. Showing animated Figma files and links to various Github issues.

Substitute teaching

I really liked the interaction I had with students og I began again focusing on getting various substitute teaching work. I worked at a few junior high schools as well as a few months at the Drammen Akademiet high school where the focus more was on medie and information.

Web design

In 2018 I began working more with a friend of mine who ran the web design company Coinno. Focus on the technical. Creating web sites, taking care of these and maintenance.

2022 –

My main focus is on taking care of web design clients. New web pages, adjustments and taking care of these.

Opening up to new opportunities

I am open to new opportunities that show up on my path.
I enjoy working with people and can easily see the needs present many times before the person realize it themselves.

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