Full Site Editing Outreach experiment – call for testing

On WordPress Slack we have a channel called #fse-outreach-experiment
The channel was created in June 3rd 2020 for having discussions about various aspects of Full Site Editing, or as it is called now Site Editing. Here is the official blog post: An Experimental Outreach Project for Full Site Editing.

There has been multiple FSE Program Testing calls Call For testings. These are located on WordPress.org -> Get Involved -> Test and the testings continue.

Along with text feedback I have also added video feedback. Here is a Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywpN_1VRrt4&list=PL3cEBItyd_Hbyy0d1P2pngIydV1Vkmkol

Overview of FSE Program Testing calls.
I have been giving feedback to all the tests.






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