Getting close to a beta release of WordPress

As we get closer to a beta release of WordPress more hectic work happens to make sure we get most of the features we want into WordPress before the beta and feature freeze begins. As the beta begins no new features are to be added. Only bug fixes and adjustments.

Right now it is 4th of April and on the 12th of April Beta 1 will be relased.

Here are some features being worked on which I am involved with:

Adding a lock to Reusable blocks. Making it possible to stop accidental edits. Making the Reusable blocks more secure.

Giving feedback to a new feature in WordPress core.

I decided to also give feedback to a new feature in WordPress core. In relation to plugins that have dependencies (required plugins). When installing a plugin it might have other plugins that must be used with it. A new user interface is being added to WordPress. Feature Project: Plugin Dependencies blog post at Make Core.

Two approaches were being worked on.
Approach 1. Implement WP admin UI for plugin dependencies. (Linked to my feedback.)

Approach 2. Plugin Dependencies tab. (Linked to my feedback.)

The official feature plugin is located here:
WP Plugin Dependencies

I was asked to also add feedback to the Design: Dependency installation issue. Which I did even more detailed.

There are also other various features I have given my feedback to but the above are the two main features.






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